Landed with an airport with no links

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From: Mike Thompson, Fearnley Avenue, Ossett.

I RECENTLY returned home from holiday via Manchester Airport and looked enviously at the airport’s transport infrastructure and the many businesses that have been built near to the airport, which really puts Leeds/Bradford Airport to shame.

In 1993, Manchester Airport opened a new railway station with two platforms, on a newly-built section of track, which allowed passengers from Leeds and the Yorkshire Region direct access to the airport. In 2008, new third platform was opened and a fourth platform will be opening next year, to cater for the extra influx of passengers travelling by train to the airport.

A new second runway has also been built, allowing more planes to arrive and depart, along with new terminal buildings, giving better passenger facilities.

Manchester Airport is also well served by the motorway network, allowing car travellers direct motorway access into the airport’s departure terminals.

So how does our local airport’s transport infrastructure compare with Manchester? Although Leeds Bradford International Airport is only about three miles from Horsforth railway station, on the Leeds to Harrogate line, no work has been done to bridge this gap and a direct rail link to the airport, as mentioned in earlier readers letters, appears to be a distant dream.

How frustratingly annoying, that rail passengers can travel direct from Leeds and other Yorkshire railway stations to Manchester Airport, but not to Leeds/Bradford.

Leeds/Bradford is also located too far away from the region’s motorway network and its position near Yeadon certainly restricts any future motorway links.

Why is Leeds, the largest major city in the UK still without a light rail system, when other smaller cities have already implemented their systems many years ago?

Questions of independence

From: Dick Appleyard, Saxilby, Near Lincoln.

YOUR opinion poll gave the result that an independent Scotland shouldn’t keep the pound (The Yorkshire Post, August 21).

I went to Scotland for a five day holiday in May 2002 and I found that Scotland had their own Scottish pound. I can’t see any logical reason why Scotland should ditch their own Scottish pound when Scotland is independent.

From: Hugh Rogers, Ashby, Scunthorpe.

AS an Englishman, I don’t really care whether Scotland goes independent again or not. I did, however, watch the latest “debate” on TV. I found it an unedifying slanging match.

Alistair Darling gave the impression of a man forced to give a lecture in a lunatic asylum, whilst Alex Salmond pranced about the stage and shouted. Unadmonished for his histrionics by anyone, he resembled nothing so much as a barrow boy or a fairground hustler. It’s Scotland’s business of course, but I wouldn’t buy a used car from either of them.

From: Arthur Quarmby, Underhill, Holme.

MAJOR Scottish industries are stating that, short of full independence, they will never get fair treatment from Westminster. Those of us in Yorkshire can say the same thing, with even greater justification. No Barnett Formula for us!

From: DM Curson, Elland.

THE Scots should remember that this is not a General Election under UK rules. If they find the result is not all that they have been led to believe, they will not be able to reverse the decision in five years time – unless Alex Salmond (and Westminster) chooses to allow it.

We have a truly great history together over the centuries – winning battles and wars over foreign threats and novel ideologies. Why spoil it now when we are threatened by newly awakened and refashioned medieval philosophies and theologies in our own two countries?

TV trash that lowers tone

From: Barry Foster, High Stakesby, Whitby.

WHAT is wrong with our television companies today? We have proposals being made to make programmes on the Jimmy Savile saga and we now learn someone wants to turn the Shannon Matthews case into a TV drama. Morals are slipping low enough in this country without us having to contemplate such trash on our TV screens. I would guess most of us are sick to death of Savile. The sooner they divide his money and give it to the genuine victims, the better.

Whales seen off Whitby

From: Michelle Catherall, Chubb Hill Road, Whitby.

AT last! After a few frustrating weeks of no sightings the herring have arrived off the Whitby coast followed by the late but welcome return of the whales.

Last weekend we saw porpoise, seals and whales but the best was on Bank Holiday Monday. While on the beautiful yacht Speckshioneer captained by Bryan “The Whale Whisperer” Clarkson, we were treated to a wonderful display by a friendly minke whale which took a liking to the boat and spent about 40 fabulous minutes entertaining us. It even popped its head up very close to have a look at us before going under the boat several times and rolling along beside us.