Landlord evicts tenant for noisy parties and trashing his flat

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A TENANT has been evicted after thousands of pounds of damage was caused to his flat, including the theft of the hot water tank.

Mark Bolster, who is 45, caused misery for his neighbours in Bradford with loud music, parties and abusive behaviour.

The cost of cleaning and repairing his former flat in Currer Street has been estimated at £4,000.

Windows had been smashed and Bolster had been living without hot water and heating as the hot water tank had been removed.

His landlord, housing group Places for People, suspected the tank had been sold for scrap value, although it could not be proved who was responsible for it being taken.

The landlord said Bolster, who had been living in the property since 2005, had brought anti-social behaviour to the community.

He was evicted after he breached the terms of an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction Order, which was granted by a court in March, in his absence.

The landlord worked with West Yorkshire Police and other residents to evict him.

A spokesman for Places for People said: “Bolster regularly invited friends to his property where they would drink, play loud music, shout and abuse other residents, and use the lift as a public toilet.”

The damage is being assessed but the final bill is expected to be in the region of £4,000, said a spokesman.

The landlord intends to pursue Bolster for the repair and clean-up bill.

Sharon Malone, a community safety officer from Places for People, said they had warned Bolster about his continued misbehaviour.

“Eviction is always a last resort for us but his behaviour had such negative impact on other residents’ quality of life, that we had no choice,” she said.

“We will not tolerate such behaviour and will take whatever steps necessary to ensure such behaviour is stamped out.”