Landlords warned to use plastic glasses

PUB landlords in Worksop and Retford could be forced to serve drinks in plastic glasses every day of the year, if they refuse to use them voluntarily on their busiest nights over Christmas.

Nottinghamshire Police has put out the call to landlords in time for the festive season and is warning that officers will deal "robustly" not just with people who carry out glassings, but also with landlords who refuse to comply with the request to use polycarbonate glasses.

Sergeant Andy Wilson, whose role includes "night-time economy issues" in Bassetlaw, said: "The first point to make is that alcohol-related violence in this part of the county has reduced dramatically. In fact, we have seen a 50 per cent reduction in Retford over recent months, and are determined that downward trend should continue.

"Glassing incidents are very, very rare, but each one has the potential to cause serious or even potentially life-altering injuries to the victims. When they do occur we will ensure that the offenders will be brought before the courts and we will urge the courts to hand down custodial sentences.

"However, we also need the co-operation of the licensing trade. We are asking for all pubs in Worksop and Retford town centres to serve drinks in polycarbonate glasses on high days and holidays.

"If they don't comply we have the power to call an expedited review of the licensing conditions. That review could result in the licensee being required to serve drinks in polycarbonate glassware at all times."

Police licensing staff are working with Pubwatch groups and licensees in both towns to draw up plans for each day of trade during December.

Sgt Wilson added: "We certainly don't want to spoil anybody's fun, but we are determined that everyone should have an enjoyable Christmas and New Year, and can safely and responsibly celebrate the festivities in our vibrant town centres in Bassetlaw."