1854: The Leeds Intelligencer

On the centenary of the Leeds Intelligencer (it dropped the extra 'e' in 1765) Christopher Kemplay was in charge.

He notes on July 1, 1854: "We trust we may say that, in endeavouring to maintain the character of the Intelligencer unimpaired, we have brought it to the completion of its hundredth year with some degree of credit, and with a fair prospect of its continuing success and usefulness

in entering the second century of its existence."

Kemplay was to be the last sole proprietor and publisher. He sold the paper 12 years later to the newly-formed Yorkshire Conservative Newspaper Company which turned the weekly Intelligencer into the daily Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer, launched on July 2, 1866.

Illustration, in the form of engravings, was beginning to make an impact, though not on the front page. Those shown here depict places in the news during the Crimean War.