A gritter has crashed and overturned on an icy Yorkshire road

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It's so icy that even gritting vehicles are struggling on Yorkshire's roads.

This vehicle lost control and overturned on a high road near Reeth in the Swaledale this morning, spilling grit onto the highway.

The gritter overturned in Swaledale

The gritter overturned in Swaledale

The driver was unhurt.

The photo of the aftermath of the crash was posted on the Facebook group North Yorkshire Snow Updates by David Clarke,

Commenting on the post, Joyce Sunter said:-

"Poor driver has my sympathy, saw him going down the road as I was feeding sheep, probably not long before this, the conditions were atrocious, snow on top of ice. The last thing he needs now is criticism, fingers crossed for him."

Last winter there were similar scenes when a feed truck crashed and spilled its loads on one of Yorkshire's highest routes, Rosedale Chimney, in snowy conditions.