“Amazing and emotional:” How Sheffield reacted to Mi Amigo 75th anniversary flypast 

The eyes of the world have been on Sheffield this morning – as British and American aircraft roared across the city for an emotional 75th anniversary flypast marking the loss of WW2 bomber Mi Amigo.

Thousands gathered in Endcliffe Park and at scores of other vantage points across the city as Sheffield ground to a halt at 8.45am for the emotional flypast.

Unveiling of the new flagpole at Mi Amigo Memorial, Endcliffe Park, Sheffield..Tony Foulds with BBC presenter Dan Walker are pictured.

Unveiling of the new flagpole at Mi Amigo Memorial, Endcliffe Park, Sheffield..Tony Foulds with BBC presenter Dan Walker are pictured.

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Tony Foulds, who witnessed the crash as a young boy and who has tended to a memorial to the ten crew who were lost ever since, was left in tears as the event was broadcast live to the nation.

And the moving scenes have drawn praise from across Sheffield and other parts of the UK.

Here's what people have been saying

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Alison Atkinson Buckton wrote: “Getting tearful watching it in Mansfield. Well done to Tony for looking after the memorial for the last 75 years and honouring their memory.”

Sharon Louise Fox added: “Such an amazing man I'm watching it on tv it's so moving and emotional.”

Caryn Watson wrote: “Watching this from Winchester on the TV. Congratulations Tony - I have been watching this with great anticipation for you  -you rank in everyone’s heart for your years of dedicated service to those men who gave their lives.

“You are a brave man it was a very emotional moment and I sat here in tears.”

Judy McBride posted: “I have lived in Sheffield 60 years but never knew about this. Tony you are an amazing man - thank you for looking after them for the past 75 years.”

Julie Chatham wrote: “How amazing... so happy for Tony.. such a wonderful man.”

Bernadette Smith simply wrote “Tony your a legend!!!!” while Anita Lees added: “Well done Tony you deserve a medal - where would we all be without men like you god bless you.”

Tracy Mackinnon posted: “Watched on TV and fly over my house - amazing sight and feeling - thank you Tony Foulds what a man. RIP to the young men who lost their lives.”

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Rachel Sian Knowles wrote: “We watched the fly over from our door step. Truly wonderful and so important to keep their story alive.”

Julie Roberts added: “Well done Tony. I don’t know about anyone else but that was very emotional to me. Thank you for all your dedication and determination.”

Andy Jones said: “Here is one person that deserves acknowledgement from The Queen in the honours list. I saw the Dakota fly over my house and it brought a tear to my eye.”

Betty Ann Winkley added: “A true hero. Made of Sheffield steel. Love and respect to Tony.”

Claire Booth posted: “They flew over my house watched by all my children and lots of neighbours at their windows. Thank you Tony, you are a hero and the memory of those brave men will never be forgotten.”

Tracey Sweetie added: “Amazing to share your moment Tony...would have loved to be there but seeing it on TV was a very emotional few minutes.”