Anger after thieves trash Doncaster park’s boat flowerbed

Thieves who stole plants from a Doncaster park have been blasted after trashing a centrepiece boat flowerbed.  

The yobs struck at Sandall Park over the weekend, stealing bedding plants from an old rowing boat which has been converted into a flower bed at the entrance to the Wheatley park.

And volunteers have hit out at the latest attack on the park which has suffered a spate of vandalism and problems in recent months.

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Sandra Crabtree, spokesman for the Friends of Sandall Park, the volunteer group which looks after the park, said: “At least 19 plants have been stolen from the boat garden.

“Not vandalism - theft. Someone who wears around a size 11 shoe. Someone is getting a very nice garden at our expense.”

And in a separate incident, plants were also taken from the park’s memorial garden.

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She added: “Even more large, expensive plants have been stolen from the memorial garden. Totally depressing for our volunteers, and distressing after all their hard work.

“One vacant plot is right under the poster asking people not to steal our plants.”

The attacks were met with anger on the group’s Facebook page. 

Carl Gregory said: “It’s a beautiful park if some folk would allow it to be.”

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Sue Lewis added “When caught, they should be made to do all the park’s flower beds for sux months wearing a top that says why they are doing so.”

Sandie Ako said: “We can't have owt these days. Why don't such mindless idiots get a life and grow up.”

Diane Elden Rickaby said: “The person or persons that have done this have not a good or decent bones in their body – shame on you!”

The park has suffered a number of problems in recent months with the lake being closed off after more than 100 ducks died after feeding on rotting vegetation caused by the summer heatwave.

There have also been vandal attacks on playground equipment and reports of children stealing daffodils.