Anger at verdict on battered man

Family may launch action over death THE family of a man who died after suffering 66 separate injuries have pledged to pursue a civil action against those they believe are responsible, after a coroner recorded an open verdict. Alexandra Wood

Relatives of Jason Stock said they were bitterly disappointed by the result of the week-long hearing in Hull. The inquest heard that Mr Stock had endured months of violence and abuse at the hands of his "psycho" girlfriend Danielle Chicklowski and his closest friends.

Mr Stock, 33, was found at the home of Neil Daniel, 36, with injuries to his head, face and body, consistent with punches or kicks, and later died in hospitalwithout recovering consciousness.

Mr Daniel, of Alexandra Road, west Hull,finally gave evidence yesterday after Coroner Geoffrey Saul issued a warrant for his arrest.

However he – like Miss Chicklowski – refused to answer questions.

Mr Saul said that the three witnesses who were with Mr Stock at the time of his death – Miss Chicklowski, Mr Daniel and Steve Mitchell – had all given evidence "but not shed any light on the precise circumstances in which Jason acquired his fatal injuries".

He added: "In the case of two they have taken the advantage of the rule about self-incrimination. That is their right and I can't make any further comment about that."

But Mr Stock's mother Jacqueline Beermann said she wanted those she believed responsible for his death bought to justice. She spoke of her special bond with her son, who would visit her three or four times a day: "I am angry, really angry. I thought there would be answers. They are all lying, their stories do not tally."

Her friend Cecilia Henley said there were questions to be asked about thelack of forensic evidence, and claimed there had been a two-hour gap when the witnesses to Mr Stock's death were left on their own in the flat by police.

The inquest heard yesterday that Mr Daniel had been interviewed on a number of occasions during the police's murder investigation into Mr Stock's death last November, and twice had volunteered information.

He claimed to have heard a rumour that someone had waited in Mr Stock's flat and assaulted him. But police found no evidence for this.

In one interview he admitted hitting Mr Stock across the face on the night of his death, but said Miss Chicklowski and Mr Stock were fighting and he pulled them apart.

Later he contacted police and said Mr Stock had hit his head on the window ledge, adding: "I dug him twice in the front, not hard, that's all I did, then Danielle kicked him in the head." However later he said he couldn't remember making the statement, as he was drunk.

Other witnesses reported seeing Mr Stock, a heavy drinkerwho frequented the pubs round Beverley Road,suffering violence from his girlfriend and Mr Daniel in the months up to his death.

She had told friends that she hit him with an iron, a lamp and an ashtray and jabbed him in the eye with a fork in temper and drink.

Pathologist Christopher Milroyhad told the inquest Mr Stock had died as the result of a head injury, possibly caused by being punched to the ground.

Files on both Mr Daniel and Miss Chicklowski were passed to the Crown Prosecution Service, which said there was insufficient evidence to proceed.

Humberside Police said yesterday that the case was still open and urged anyone with information to come forward.