Aquarium hooks up to tidal power in green energy boost

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A PIONEERING tidal power generator that will soon provide half the electricity used by The Deep aquarium in Hull has been towed into position in the River Humber.

Neptune Proteus, a 150-tonne device costing £2.5m, has been designed for demonstration and research and will begin supplying the visitor attraction within three months.

It will be connected to a control room at The Deep Business Centre by a cables running along a 60-metre steel maintenance jetty which is now under construction.

Neptune Renewable Energy Ltd, the company behind the project, plans to install further commercial generators in the estuary that will provide enough energy to power about 3,000 homes.

Company chairman Nigel Petrie said: “We would like to express thanks to all our suppliers in the Humber who are working with us on this project. We would also like to thank Hull City Council and The Deep for their support. The Humber estuary’s depth and tidal flow makes it one of the best locations in British waters for tidal stream power and it has been identified consistently as a key area for tidal stream power investment.”

The Government recently more than doubled the level of financial support for wave and tidal energy.