BUPA home is set for closure

PRIVATE healthcare provider BUPA has announced the closure of a residential home in York – leaving 32 elderly people with the problem of having to find somewhere else to live.

The decision to close Burton Croft Residential Home in Burton Stone Lane follows an announcement that BUPA’s Belvedere Hospital in Scarborough will shut on May 31 unless a buyer can be found.

The shutdown is the latest in the region where the number of nursing home beds has been falling amid complaints from private sector homes that fees paid by local authorities are too low while they have also been expected to upgrade standards to meet new regulations.

Councils in turn complain extra funding from the Government is insufficient to allow them to increase rates.

BUPA regional operations director Bob MacLean said the difficult decision to close Burton Croft had been taken after a lengthy review.

“The home is an old property that was not designed for its current use and no longer provides the required physical environment in which to care for vulnerable people.

“The building would have required significant changes and investment to meet both our own standards and those of the new Care Standards Act. This work would not be possible to do safely whilst continuing to run the home.”

The closure, which will take place in July, will add to the growing nursing home and residential home crisis in the York area.

Mr MacLean said: “Very low local authority fee levels in York were a contributory factor in our decision to close the home. Local authority funding levels do not support the level of investment required, therefore making the home unviable.”

BUPA has written to residents and their relatives and has promised to help them find appropriate alternative accommodation.

Mr MacLean said: “All residents have been offered the option of moving to another BUPA care home and BUPA will attempt to find employment opportunities for all members of staff.”

York Council is meeting BUPA this week to try to help residents find new accommodation.