Charity farm steps back in time to have a dig at history

ARCHAEOLOGISTS from Sheffield University have teamed up with Heeley City Farm to offer free heritage-themed workshops next week.

The family day will run from 10am to 3pm on Wednesday and will include activities like leatherworking, roundhouse building and bronze casting.

The event marks the launch of Heeley City Farm's "Digging Our Roots" project, which will work with young people to explore farming heritage.

The first major event of the Heritage Lottery-funded project is the reconstruction of an Iron Age roundhouse in partnership with staff and students from Sheffield University. It will begin on October 31 and people are welcome to go along and watch the work unfold.

Project manager Sally Rodgers said: "We are very excited about this fantastic opportunity to build the first roundhouse in Sheffield since the Iron Age.

"Once completed, the structure will house a reconstructed Iron Age smelting furnace.

"Staff from the farm and the university will co-ordinate volunteers and students to smelt iron using local rocks in a way that hasn't been done in our Steel City for at least 500 years."

Dr Roger Doonan, a lecturer in the Department of Archaeology at Sheffield University, said: "The farm has worked extremely hard to secure the funding for the project and Sally has put a lot of thought and effort into all the activities.

"It is a great pleasure to be supporting her and her team and to be able to share our expertise and enthusiasm."