Charity’s headquarters transformed by doodles

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An illustrator has transformed the headquarters of a charity – with doodles of everyday objects.

Roderick Mills used black pen and paint to decorate rooms at the new base of Cardboard Citizens, which presents plays performed by homeless people, in London’s East End.

Mr Mills worked with design agency Interabang and painted objects including a floor lamp, books, a vacuum cleaner
and a telephone to customise rooms.

Some illustrations referred to the charity’s previous theatre productions, and a doodled sign above a bike rack pointing to London, Paris and Amsterdam represented the firm’s annual fund-raising cycle ride.

Mr Mills, a senior lecturer at the University of Brighton and deputy chairman of the Association of Illustrators, said: “The project was a great opportunity to affect people’s working environment through drawings.

“Interabang were very keen on the idea of blowing up these simple drawings, extenuating their immediacy and naivety.”

Interabang’s co-founder Ian McLean said: “I’ve admired Roderick’s work for years and his style felt really appropriate for the project.

“We wanted it to feel like someone had come along and customised the building in their own slightly subversive way.

“Roderick was really enthusiastic about it, producing lots
of his own brainstorms and doodles.”