Criticism over gulf in promises to Northern Ireland and Yorkshire

Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis
Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis
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THERESA MAY’S £1bn deal to secure DUP support in the Commons dwarfs the money promised to South Yorkshire in its devolution agreement, new analysis shows.

The DUP deal will deliver £244 per person in Northern Ireland compared to the £22 per head South Yorkshire will be given as part of its devolution agreement.

If South Yorkshire was funded on the same basis as Northern Ireland it would receive £311 per head. The figures emerged as the region continues to face uncertainty over what will happen when it loses £100m a year of EU funding as a result of Brexit.

The Conservative election manifesto promised the creation of a UK Shared Prosperity Fund but no details have been revealed.

Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis said: “This money is vital to regions like ours that currently benefit from EU funding.

“It is unfair that some parts of the UK are being prioritised over others, as shown by the recent Government deal with the DUP. Until the Government become clearer about their regional investment strategy the businesses and people of Yorkshire will face unnecessary uncertainty.

“The Government must now explain how the UK Shared Prosperity Fund will be used to invest in Yorkshire in order to provide reassurance that they are still committed to reducing geographical inequality across the UK.”