Death by poisoning of His Holiness Pope Clement XIV

On this day... Compiled by Michael Rhodes

Leeds Intelligencer

November 15, 1774

THE report of the Pope being poisoned is universally believed, and there seems to be no doubt of the truth of it, notwithstanding it is said that some of

the physicians are engaged to make a verbal process against what they said at first of their own

accord, and one of them is said to be actually employed about composing a

dissertation to demonstrate the falsity of the fact.

It seems no less certain, that the violent poison which so suddenly put an end to the Pope's life, was given to hasten the effect of a former dose of slow poison which had been given him before, and which affected him on Ash Wednesday with violent vomiting and purging.

It is reported, that the General of the Cordeliers, who had advice at the beginning of the year of the design on poisoning the Pope, received an account, on Ash Wednesday, that it was done; that these advices were confirmed by a letter from a certain Ecclesiastic, in consequence of which seven persons were immediately arrested...

The young Ecclesiastic who attended the Pope, having tasted the poisoned dinner and supper, died in the same manner as His Holiness...