Did you spot ‘huge flaming comet’ over South Yorkshire this morning?

A huge meteor has reportedly been spotted in the skies near South Yorkshire this morning.

There are several reports and accounts of ‘the fireball being spotted above Manchester and the Peak District at around 6.30am.

Reece Sanford tweeted: “Tell me I'm not mad. At 6.35am, I saw a huge flaming comet that took my breath away. Is that possible?

“It was massive in South Manchester at 6.35am.

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“Really was amazing to see while walking the dogs. So bright and big you couldn't miss it.”

The meteor was reportedly seen south of Manchester at 6.35am.

The meteor was reportedly seen south of Manchester at 6.35am.

Astronomy account VirtualAstro‏ tweeted: “Large meteor spotted earlier over the UK by a few accounts.”

The sighting comes after hot on the heels of the recent Leonid Meteor shower.

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The annual shooting stars display hits Earth every November – and is one of six significant annual meteor showers.

A meteor shower occurs when many meteoroids – rocks in space - fall towards the Earth after breaking off a comet – a small, icy object in the Solar System which orbits the sun in an irregular fashion, unlike the Earth’s circular orbit.

This particular celestial event is called the Leonids because it appears to come from the Leo star constellation.

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It occurs when the Earth passes through debris which has broken away from the comet Tempel-Tuttle – which has a whopping 33-year orbit around the sun.

These burn up before they hit the earth’s surface – causing a streak of hot air which we see as a shooting star.