Dog cruelty man absconds from court

Alexandra Wood A MAN who carried out a series of sickening attacks on a dog is being sought by police after going on the run from court.

Shaun Fergusson, 25, launched the motiveless attack on the mongrel called Chrissie with a coal hammer, a dado rail and a broomstick at his home in Wansford Grove, east Hull. The dog was finally found by its owner with brain damage, a punctured lung, five broken ribs and broken teeth.

She died later that afternoon.

Hull magistrates heard the dog had been thrown at a television and part of her ear cut off after she went missing from Tracy Bainbridge's home in Wansford Grove, east Hull.

Ms Bainbridge came across Fergusson when she was searching for the dog four days later, but he told her he hadn't seen it. But less than an hour later he knocked on Ms Bainbridge's door and showed her the dog lying covered by a Union Jack and barely breathing in the garden of a nearby boarded-up house. He then spent hours comforting her.

But RSPCA inspectors called in the police after finding bloodstained items in Fergusson's dustbin and garden.

Fergusson – who admitted charges of cruelly beating an animal and causing an animal unnecessary suffering between Friday January 27 and Monday January 30 – went missing during an adjournment and a warrant was immediately issued for his arrest.

RSPCA Insp Dierck Beardsley and fellow inspector Simon Manning found a blood-stained dado rail, blood-stained pillow case and broken broomstick in Fergusson's dustbin.

Police were called and found blood splashes up all four kitchen walls as well as a blood-stained pair of scissors and coal hammer.

Mr Beardsley said afterwards: "The dog had been chased round the kitchen and systematically beaten. The injuries to the head were caused by the hammer and part of the skull was actually caved inside."

Ms Bainbridge, who has four children, branded Fergusson "evil".

She said: "I can't bear to think what Chrissie went through during the four days Fergusson had her. I am heartbroken. She was part of the family and was my companion.

"When he took me to her she was barely breathing and she had been mutilated. I took her in her my arms, but she didn't live. As soon as we got home she just gave up."