Dog walker’s upset after pet picks up used colostomy bag in Doncaster area town

A dog walker has spoken of her shock after her pet picked up a used colostomy bag during a walk in a Doncaster area town.

Kyra Simspson was taking her dog for a walk in Epworth when her pet came back clutching the used medical pouch in its jaws.

Fieldside in Epworth near to where the bag was discovered.

Fieldside in Epworth near to where the bag was discovered.

Sharing the incident in a Facebook group called Things for Sale in Epworth, Haxey, Belton she wrote: “Unfortunately, this morning on our dog walk, I recalled my dog who brought back with her a used bag... please, please just put it in a bin

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“I am writing this post in hope that whomever is leaving their used colostomy bags out in the bushes and trees around Fieldside, Epworth sees it and disposes of the bags correctly in future.

“I am not being insensitive by this post, this is a condition I respect people for entirely and have been brought up with a close family member having a stoma.

“However, I must stress that it is completely unnecessary to dispose of your bag by throwing it into the trees/bushes.

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“This is the second occasion where I have come across a bag down Fieldside now and I just hope that whoever sees this, learns that there are plenty of bins around to be disposing of them properly. Please don't throw them on the ground for children or animals to find.”

Colostomy bags are used to collect faeces expelled from the body via a hole in the large intestine and are often used for people suffering from rectal and colon cancer.

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Users wear a pouch which must be emptied or changed a couple of times a day depending on the frequency of activity. As medical waste, the bags are meant to be disposed of safely and in a hygienic manner.