Don't get caught out: Here's what you could be fined up to £2,500 for under the new MOT rules

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Insurance provider Green Flag has found that over half of drivers are unaware of the changes to MOT tests which come into force today.

The new rules state that car owners can be fined up to £2,500 if their vehicle has an invalid MOT - but nine in 10 surveyed did not realise the penalty was so high, while a quarter were unaware they could be fined at all.

Hundreds of thousands of cars will no longer need an MOT from May 2018
Tougher checks have been introduced covering a number of defects.

What the new MOT test categories mean
Promoted by Hyundai The issues that will be checked in the new MOT test

- Cab steps

- Cab security

- Undertray security

- Prop shafts

- Noise suppression material

- Rear drive shafts on all vehicles

- Daytime running lights on vehicles first used from March 2018

- Bumper security and condition

- Front fog lights on vehicles first used from March 2018

- Floor condition

- Engine malfunction indicator lamp

- Fluid leaks posing an environmental risk

- Reversing lights on vehicles first used from September 2009

- Emission control equipment

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