Don Your Way column: Christmas is coming – but can’t it just wait a bit?

So, whether you like it or not, Christmas is now just a matter of weeks away.

There. I said it.

Darren Burke says Christmas is coming too soon.

Darren Burke says Christmas is coming too soon.

The dreaded C-word - and its still only mid-November.

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I love Christmas and always have. A time for family, fun, food and far too much frivolity but first and foremost a frantic and frenzied lead-up to the big day itself.

Now, I'm not saying I particularly enjoy the stresses and strains of Christmas shopping - hitting busy shopping centres and joining long queues (or the modern equivalent, having to chase parcels with Amazon that have gone walkabout after supposedly being left behind your neighbour's dustbin).

That's not so much fun.

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But there's also something about the pressure of working to a deadline that appeals, the organisation, the lists, being prepared and making sure everything that goes like clockwork.

That, however, doesn't put me in the ever-growing camp of the ultra-prepared - and you'll know exactly the kind of people I'm talking about here.

The ones who finished their Christmas shopping in July. The ones who'd wrapped their presents when the rest of us were still sweltering in this year's heatwave (remember that?)

The ones who'd written and sent their Christmas cards at the same time the kids were going around trick or treating.

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The ones whose Christmas tree will have been up for about seven months before you even take yours down from the loft.

Yes, those ones. The ones who rub it on Facebook saying 'all done' when your only nod towards Christmas is having heard Slade played over the speakers in a shop.

There's a time and a place for Christmas - and August and September aren't it.

I'm not one of these 'Christmas doesn't start until December types' either, I think once Bonfire Night is out of the way, then its fair game to start turning your attentions to December 25.

I know there'll be those out there calling me a misery and a grinch - far from it, there's nothing better than falling asleep on the sofa on Christmas Day after a hefty dinner, can in one hand, Ritz crackers and Quality Street in the other and some animated kids' film playing to itself on the telly in the background.

But for me, Christmas is all about the traditions, the self-imposed 'fun' stress of making sure cards are written off and posted on time, chasing around Sainsburys for that jar of cranberry sauce you forgot and realising at about 5.15 on Christmas Eve that you forgot to buy a present for your Uncle who's coming for Christmas dinner tomorrow and wondering if a bottle of anti-freeze from the all night garage up the road will do.

Christmas is coming – just not yet, thanks.