Doncaster contestant on The Chase sparks giggles with comedy name line-up

A Doncaster contestant on ITV quiz show The Chase has gone viral – after his name helped create an all-star comedy line-up on the show.

Viewers of last night’s show were left giggling as the row of contestants’ names helped make up two very famous comedians (well, nearly).

Doncaster contestant Peter made viewers of The Chase giggle. (Photo: ITV).

Doncaster contestant Peter made viewers of The Chase giggle. (Photo: ITV).

Vicki, Gervaise, Peter and Kay all appeared on the show – and viewers were quick to pick up that the line-up sounded like the names of The Office star Ricky Gervais and Car Share favourite Peter Kay.

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And Doncaster-based Peter, 64, was among the foursome helping to create laughs among viewers when host Bradley Walsh presented the group.

Those watching at home took to Twitter to share their amusement at the line-up of names.

One wrote: "You really couldn't find ANY contestant named Ricky? Really?? #theChase"

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Another commented: "They definitely put Peter and Kay the right way around. #TheChase @ITV"

A third shared: "Tonights celebrity line up on #theChase"

While another wrote: “Didn’t a Ricky apply? #thechase.”

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Gervaise made it through to the final but failed to take home the £1,000 prize money after coming unstuck against the chaser Paul Sinha.