Doncaster councillor tells Labour conference: “I hated Thatcher so much I set my alarm clock earlier so I could hate her more.”

A Doncaster councillor has won applause and cheers at the Labour Party conference today after revealing the extent of his hatred for former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Town ward councillor Tosh McDonald, who was delivering a speech to the Liverpool conference in his role as president of rail union ASLEF, told delegates: "I hated Thatcher so much I started setting my alarm clock an hour earlier just so I could hate her for an hour more.”

Doncaster councillor Tosh McDonald.

Doncaster councillor Tosh McDonald.

The speech was given a standing ovation by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – and the cutting remark about the former Tory leader won praise on Twitter.

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One Twitter user described the remark as a ‘classic line’ while another, Kim Moore, said it was ‘the best line ever.’

User Helen the Zen described him as a “brilliant, loyal, passionate man.” while Deb Claridge described it as ‘a blinder of a speech.’

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But Cameron Bradbury hit back and said: “I would like to tell Tosh McDonald that I set my alarm clock an hour early everyday so I can love #MargaretThatcher for an hour longer.”

Coun McDonald was elected to Doncaster Council in June.

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When Baroness Thatcher died in 2013, the news was marked with celebrations and even parties in large swathes of South Yorkshire where the Conservative PM became a hate figure during the 1984-85 Miners’ Strike.