Ed Miliband only the fourth most influential man in DONCASTER

Ed Miliband
Ed Miliband
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Ed Miliband could be running Doncaster by 2018 should his progress up the town’s power list continue at its current rate, William Hague has said.

The senior Tory mocked the Labour leader in the Commons by noting he is regarded as the fourth most influential person in the list compiled for the Doncaster Free Press.

You were rather unfair to the leader of the opposition. He has improved to fourth from sixth,

Phillip Davies MP

Doncaster North MP Mr Miliband was judged to have less influence than One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, who was born in Doncaster, the council’s chief executive and the town’s elected mayor.

To laughter, Tory backbencher Philip Davies (Shipley) told Commons Leader Mr Hague: “You were rather unfair to the leader of the Opposition.

“You were right he came fourth in the Doncaster power list but I thought it was churlish of you not to mention he’d gone up two places from last year from sixth.”