Emergency operation after school prank

Dave Mark A 10-year-old boy almost lost a testicle when schoolmates copied a prank they had seen on a cartoon and pulled his trousers up as far as they could go.

Jack Watson had to have an emergency hour-long operation to reattach a testicle tothe lining of his scrotum after friends gave him the excruciating "wedgie".

Thechildren involvedadmitted they copied the move from an episode of The Simpsons.

Now the victim's mother Lisa Watson, 36, said: "We want to highlight this can happen."

Jack said: "It does still hurt, and I will definitely not be doing it to anyone again."

Head at Thrunscoe Junior School, Grimsby, Bob Wynn added: "Having seen one of their own come off so badly, I do not think it is not goingto be an issue for us anymore."