Famous Sheffield mural further defaced after ‘Corbyn’ daubed on wall

A famous Sheffield mural which was wrecked by vandals last year has come under further attack after the word ‘Corbyn’ was daubed on it.

The towering 42ft mural of stainless steel pioneer Harry Brearley, on the wall of The Howard pub, is admired by thousands of people every day as they make their way to and from Sheffield station.

The word 'Corbyn' has now been daubed on the Harry Brearley mural

The word 'Corbyn' has now been daubed on the Harry Brearley mural

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Last March, the great innovator's face was splattered with red and white paint, drawing the wrath of art lovers.

Now the word Corbyn has been daubed on the bottom of the mural, presumably as a tribute to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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The mural, by Faunagraphic, is one of several famous Sheffield artworks defaced in recent years.

The Brearley mural was created by Sarah Yates - better known as Faunagraphic - in 2013 to mark 100 years since he invented the world's first 'rustless' stainless steel in his Brown Firth laboratory. It was commissioned by Marketing Sheffield and the 100 Club.

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The attack last year followed a wave of vandalism in late 2016, when works by Faunagraphic and her husband Chris Butcher, who goes by the name Rocket01 were targeted.