Fly-tippers leave shards of glass and other rubbish strewn along lane near Stapleton, North Yorkshire

The fly-tipping along a road near Stapleton
The fly-tipping along a road near Stapleton

IRRESPONSIBLE FLY-TIPPERS left sheets of glass and other rubbish strewn along a 100m stretch of road in rural North Yorkshire.

A member of the public called police on Saturday to report that glass, doors and other rubbish had been dumped down the middle of Jolby Lane, near Stapleton, in Richmondshire.

Police officers arrived within an hour and swept the shards of broken glass to the side of the road to avoid any danger to motorists.

The incident was reported to the local authority.

A police spokesperson said: "It appears that a tipper vehicle discarded its load as it drove along the lane. If anyone saw the fly-tipping taking place, or knows who may have done it, contact North Yorkshire Police via the 101 number and quote reference 12180127421."

Earlier this month, the police joined forces with local authorities and landowners to start a clampdown on fly-tipping called Operation Eyeball.

Various bodies have agreed to share intelligence and information to identify hotspots and catch more culprits.

Speaking at the time, Supt Paula Booth, of North Yorkshire Police, said: “Fly-tipping is a selfish crime that blights local environments and spoils people’s enjoyment of our towns and countryside. It is a source of pollution, a potential danger to public health and a hazard to wildlife. It also undermines legitimate waste businesses who operate within the law.

“By working together, we can tackle this issue. We also need help from the public – if you find or witness fly-tipping, wherever it is, record as many details about the incident and the waste as you can, and report it to your local authority or via the website. This will help the authorities take action against those responsible and stop them fly-tipping in the future.”