Former intelligence adviser sues police over dismissal

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Police chiefs in Yorkshire are being sued for unfair dismissal by a former intelligence adviser who told senior officers the British Government was behind the 7/7 terror attacks on London.

Tony Farrell, who had been principal intelligence analyst for South Yorkshire Police Authority for 12 years, also claimed the US government was responsible for the 9/11 attacks in New York.

He stunned force chiefs when he reported to a high-level meeting that the only terror threat to Britain came from the Government as the “enemy within” rather than Islamic extremists.

Mr Farrell, 51, of Barnsley, was dismissed by his worried bosses after voicing his concerns on July 7 last year – the fifth anniversary of the atrocities in London.

It was apparently decided that his views were “incompatible” with force policy, making his job “untenable”.

South Yorkshire Police now faces a legal bill running into tens of thousands of pounds defending Mr Farrell’s unfair dismissal claim.

Police investigations have revealed that the four 7/7 bombers led double lives in Yorkshire as they finalised a plot to kill themselves and cause mass carnage in London in 2005.

But in his report, Mr Farrell judged the risk from Islamic extremists to be zero while claiming that the terror threat level from “within our own camp” was 100 per cent.

Mr Farrell initially sued the authority for unfair dismissal and claimed that his opinions amounted to a “philosophical belief” protected under discrimination laws.

He told a Sheffield employment tribunal: “The attacks of July 7, 2005, and September 11, 2001, were, in fact, perpetrated by the governments of the UK and USA against their own citizens for the purpose of building support for their foreign policy agenda.

“The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are unjustified and morally wrong as they are for the sole purpose of furthering the new world order.”

After that hearing employment judge Philip Rostant ruled that Mr Farrell’s theories were “absurd beliefs, albeit sincerely held” and struck out his discrimination claim.

But he ruled that Mr Farrell’s unfair dismissal claim should be allowed to proceed to a full hearing later this year.

Mr Farrell’s annual task at South Yorkshire Police Authority was to assess all crime threats to help police prioritise their activities.

In his report he wrote: “For the remaining time I am employed with South Yorkshire Police I want to tirelessly and peacefully search for the truth. I don’t much care in what role I do this.

“To me nothing else matters as without knowing it, we are spiralling towards a state of war every bit as dangerous as we were when Neville Chamberlain declared ’peace in our time’ in 1939.

“Unfortunately on this occasion, the threats are far less visible, equally putrid but potentially many times more dangerous. They come from within our own camp.

“We are in a terrible mess and the nation has become too stupid to realise it.

“My honest view as a principal analyst is that all other threats pale into insignificance when compared to the inner corruption in high places and government.”

“Unfortunately, I see few others in the police services having the courage to stand up and attempt to expose the ignoble lies on behalf of the public we serve.”

He claimed that both terror attacks were “false flag operations” authorised by the US and UK governments to help persuade the public to back foreign wars.

He concluded that the UK government’s counter-terrorism strategy was a sham, “crafted to divert attention from the government’s own secret scheming and the evil ways of the elite”.

Mr Farrell also said that the media is controlled by the “global elite” and wrongly overstates the risk of terror attacks on the UK.

Last night a spokesman for South Yorkshire Police would only say: “This matter is the subject of an ongoing tribunal, one ground of which has already been rejected by the Sheffield Employment Tribunal.”