Former Rotherham Council officer cleared

Professor Alexis Jay
Professor Alexis Jay
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A former Rotherham Council officer has been cleared by an independent investigation of any personal responsibility for the failings of her former employer to tackle child sexual exploitation.

Lawyers acting for Doncaster Council, which later employed Jackie Wilson as assistant director of children’s services, found no evidence she was involved in a cover-up or was “uniquely culpable” for the failings at Rotherham Council brought to light by the Jay report last year.

Doncaster Council chief executive Jo Miller confirmed the findings of the investigation to a meeting of the full council yesterday although she did not refer to Mrs Wilson by name.

Mrs Wilson was interviewed by Professor Jay in the course of compiling her report.

Its principle finding, that Rotherham Council failed to protect 1,400 children from abuse, led to calls for local authorities to investigate staff mentioned in the report.

The investigation into Mrs Wilson reviewed the Jay report and the later Casey report into Rotherham Council as well as allegations in the media but found no evidence to support wrongdoing.

It also found she performed her job well while working for Doncaster Council and had been employed properly.

The responsibility for children’s services in Doncaster last year shifted to an arms-length trust which now employs Mrs Wilson.

Councillors were told Mrs Wilson had co-operated fully with the investigation as well as Professor Jay and Louise Casey, who carried out a later inspection of Rotherham Council.

She has the “full support” of Doncaster Children’s Services Trust, councillors were told.