Fresh hope for trolleybus system

MODERN versions of the old electric trolleybus could return to Bradford if a study decides they would suit the city's transport needs.

Bradford and Leeds were the first British cities to have trolleybuses in 1911. The country's last one rolled to a halt in its Bradford depot in 1972.

Since that day many Bradfordians have lamented their passing.

One enthusiast is Tory councillor and transport enthusiast Stanley King, who has convinced the Tory-led Bradford Council to consider a fresh look at the viability of a return to trolleybus transport.

The authority's Tory leader, Margaret Eaton, and the portfolio holder for the environment, Anne Hawkesworth, have tabled a motion to next Tuesday's council meeting calling on the council to look into the feasibility of bringing back trolleybuses.

Coun King, who also sits on the passenger transport authority, said trolleybuses were currently being tried in Hong Kong.

"I understand Hong Kong people have been very pleased with their trial route. We want the PTE to find out if they would be suitable for Bradford. Ever since trolleybuses disappeared in Bradford there has been a desire to bring them back."

Ten years ago a serious proposal was made to bring back trolleybuses to Bradford but the idea was later aborted.

The previous failure was to do with a private bus company's competition on the proposed trolleybus route, Mr King argued. The main obstacle to setting them up is financial, as overhead cables and masts would be expensive.

It is hoped most of the cash would come from the Government.