Furious mum finds angry note saying daughter ‘does not look disabled’ on her car at Meadowhall

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A furious mum was told she should not have used her blue badge at Meadowhall as her daughter ‘does not look disabled’. 

Rachael Hanley had used her blue badge to park in a disabled bay while shopping with her children at Meadowhall yesterday morning. 

Meadowhall Shopping Centre.

Meadowhall Shopping Centre.

However, when she returned to her car, she found an angry hand-written note stating that she had been reported for parking in the space. 

The angry shopper told Rachael that her daughter ‘did not look or appear disabled’; adding that she should bring a wheelchair for her next time. 

The note read: “I have reported you for misusing a blue badge. Your daughter did not look or appear disabled. 

“Hope your car is clamped. Next time bring a wheelchair.”

A furious Rachael shared the note on Facebook, adding that her daughter then began ‘fitting and vomiting’ when they returned to the car. 

She said that her daughter, Evie-May, was left needing ‘basic life support’ as well as oxygen administering after falling ill. 

Rachael posted: “Absolutely fuming! To the person who put a note on my car this morning whilst I was at Meadowhall with my two children.

“Not only did you verbally abuse me when I got out of the car and was putting my son in his pram, when I returned to my car two hours later you have placed a note on my windscreen.

“I had already took the time to explain why we had a blue badge (mainly to educate you that not all disabilities are visible).

“But had you of been at my car when I returned you would have witnessed why we have a blue badge, you would have seen Evie-Mae collapse to the floor fitting whilst vomiting and needing basic life support and then her oxygen administering.

“You would have seen she was only a few more seconds away from needing an ambulance

“She may not look "disabled" or have a wheelchair but she does have additional needs. How dare you ruin our morning!”

Rachael’s post has now been shared over 4,000 times and she has been inundated with support on Facebook. 

Lynn Kinsey posted: “Horrific.... don't let ignorant people spoil your day.... hope your little one is ok xxx”

Anne Boyd posted: “Omg. How disgraceful!! Hope Evie-Mae is ok xx”

Holly Gill said: “How disgusting , that really makes my bloody boil! People really need to get a life and go back to school and be more educated about people who have disabilities x”

Barbara Nixon posted: “Rachael this is outrageous but please don't let one ignorant idiot ruin your day. You're doing a fantastic job.”