Girl slips and grazes her shin on steps to aircraft in video footage released by desperate parents

Clasping her smart pink Barbie rucksack, Madeleine McCann clambers excitedly up the steps to the aircraft.

Holding hands with another little girl, she loses her footing and slips, grazing her shin on the third step.

But although she cut her-self quite badly, she stops crying after only a few seconds – too busy looking forward to her holiday to stay upset for long.

Today her parents have released two heart-rending video clips of Madeleine, captured on a family friend’s mobile phone.

Kate McCann has watched them regularly over the last 25 days for they are the last moving pictures taken of her daughter.

In the images, blonde Madeleine, now aged four, can be seen wearing pink shorts, a light pink top and trainers.

One clip – 13 seconds long – shows her sitting on an airport bus, the other – nine seconds – is of her boarding the flight.

Speaking movingly about his daughter, Gerry McCann said she was so thrilled about going to Portugal she refused to get upset about hurting herself.

Holding her little pink rucksack, he said: “She was really brave. She started crying but stopped almost immediately.

“When we got to the top of the steps I saw she had grazed her shin. It looked really sore – the step was just the right height for her leg.

“It was something that usually would have caused 10 minutes of crying rather than 10 seconds.”

The McCann family – Gerry, Kate, Madeleine and two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie – were travelling in a group of 10 to the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz.

They flew from East Midlands Airport, catching the 9.30am bmibaby flight to Faro on April 28. They planned to stay for a week, coming back to this country on May 5.

On arrival in Portugal the family were all filmed sitting on the shuttle bus at the airport.

The film was captured after their friend tried to take a photograph, but ended up recording the group as they were driven the short distance to the terminal.

Madeleine – still holding her Barbie bag – can be seen swinging her legs as she sits next to her brother.

Mrs McCann is seen grinning as she ruffles Sean’s hair and holds on to Amelie’s arm.

Mr McCann is looking serious, which prompts his friend to joke: “Cheer up Gerry, we are on holiday.”

Laughter is heard throughout the rest of the clip.

Mr McCann said Madeleine was used to travelling, having flown to Italy and Amsterdam.

“She was dead excited about going away with the rest of the kids; it was her first time to Portugal.

“She had her Barbie rucksack with a pull-up handle – it is a really girlie one.

“We all had to have our own rucksacks – even Sean and Amelie; it was quite funny. And Madeleine was acting like a big girl, she was so excited.”