History in the remaking at city abbey

KIRKSTALL Abbey will host a weekend of performances by the Clarence Household re-enactment group to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the accession of Henry VIII.

Displays will demonstrate the social and domestic aspects of British medieval life such as cooking, candle-dipping, fabric crafts and games.

Audience members will be encouraged to interact with the performers and ask them questions.

The Clarence Household, based in Huddersfield, are a re-enactment society specialising in displaying the social and military aspects of the late medieval period across England, particularly the era of the Wars of the Roses from 1455-1487.

The event, which will be held next Saturday and Sunday, is a chance to experience the world that Henry VIII was born into, the times that shaped him as a young man and what England was like as he ascended to the throne 500 years ago.

Kirkstall Abbey is one of the most complete examples of a Cistercian Abbey in Britain, boasting historical architecture as well as wildlife and greenery.