“I’d rather be pretty than clever:” Make-up mad Sheffield schoolgirl to star in TV house swap show tonight

A make-up mad Muslim schoolgirl from Sheffield who says she’d rather be ‘pretty’ than ‘clever’ will be seen comparing lives with a Sheffield Wednesday supporting tomboy in a new TV series tonight.

Alisha and sports mad Syd and Daisy, all nine, who all come from Sheffield, will feature in the Channel 4 show How The Other Kids Live tonight.

The two very different families star in the TV show tonight. (Photo: Channel 4).

The two very different families star in the TV show tonight. (Photo: Channel 4).

The show brings together families from the same neighbourhood but across the cultural, social and economic divide and from different backgrounds.

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Alisha, who comes from a large, multicultural family has been taught by her image conscious mother Afshan, who runs two city beauty salons, that people who don't take care of their appearance are 'lazy'

Afshan, who takes her daughter on regular trips to the hairdressers, tells viewers: “I think people who don’t take an interest in their image would appear to me as being a little bit lazy, 

The three girls enjoy a kickaround. (Photo: Channel 4).

The three girls enjoy a kickaround. (Photo: Channel 4).

“If you’re lazy in that area then you could be lazy in others – like at work or around the house.” 

And her strong beliefs have clearly rubbed off on her make-up mad daughter who admits she would rather be 'pretty' than 'clever' - and says she would choose to be friends with Kim Kardashian over J.K Rowling.  

Alisha,  who lives in a five-bed house in Sheffield, meets sports-mad Syd and tomboy Daisy in the show which airs tonight at 8pm.

Before visiting Daisy's house, Alisha declares her love of make up and says: 'I don’t like football and boys stuff because I’m not a boy.' 

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When Daisy and Syd visit Alisha's house, she shows them her idea of fun and gives them both a makeover - much to tomboy Daisy's dismay

Adds Afshan: 'I think my kids are growing up quickly - but to me it's fine. I genuinely like children who are a little bit more ahead of themselves. Life's too short to be young, immature and baby-like for too long.'”

So it's a bit of a shock for shopaholic Alisha when she arrives for a play date at Syd's small terraced home, which she describes as being 'small' and 'messy.'

Syd's mum Jodie, who has banned her daughter from social media and owning a phone, poses the same question to the three children: 'Do you think what you look like is important?' 

But while Alisha instantly replies, 'yeah, derrrr,' Syd offers a completely different perspective.

‘I’m not like pretty,' she says. 'But I’m OK with getting slopped up with mud and getting really messy.’ 

Daisy, who wants to a be a builder when she's older and cringes at the mention of 'Barbie', is part of a blended family and spends most of her time at her mum’s house in Chesterfield.

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Devoted Sheffield Wednesday fan Daisy, only sees her dad Paul at weekends meaning she doesn’t have many friends in the area. She usually plays with boys and loves sport, so when the girls come to visit on their play date, she can't wait to get in the garden for a kick about.

Daisy demonstrates her football skills and encourages Alisha to get involved. 'Football isn’t just for boys and I thought it was just for boys and girls couldn’t play it,' Alisha eventually realises. 'I didn't expect to enjoy the football but at the end I really did enjoy it. Now I get why girls like football'

How the Other Kids Live, airs tonight, 8pm on Channel 4