‘I’m coming back kids:” Doncaster Clown’s sinister message as character announces return 

A sinister ‘killer' clown which has brought fear to Doncaster for the last five years has announced a return via Facebook.

Doncaster Clown reappeared on social media over the weekend after a lengthy absence, sparking fears the character is coming back in time for Halloween later this month.

Doncaster Clown has announced its return via Facebook after a lengthy absence.

Doncaster Clown has announced its return via Facebook after a lengthy absence.

In a series of postings on the character’s Facebook page HERE the ‘Clown’ wrote: “I’m coming back, kids. Who wants to play?”

It was followed by a shot of a row of shops in Cantley with the message: “I’ll be going live in Cantley this weekend. Who wants a balloon?.”

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The mystery character has been quiet since last Halloween – when a remake of classic Stephen King horror film It forced police to warn that the movie might bring a spate of so-called ‘killer clowns’ back to Britain’s streets.

In 2016, there were a wave of ‘killer clown’ sightings across Britain and police had to reassure parents over the craze.

The Doncaster Clown character became an internet sensation in Doncaster in 2016 posting photos of supposed appearances around the town and announcing villages it intended to visit.

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The clown's revival back then came three years on from its last appearance - but the latest post over the weekend has been met with threats of violence from angry Facebook users.

One said: “Come and see me and I will smash your head in so hard - big mistake. Going round scaring kids - come and see me if you dare - I will knock your head off your shoulders.”

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There were reported "sightings"on social media of the spooky clown haunting the streets of Doncaster four years ago.

In a spate of incidents throughout 2013, clowns had supposedly been sighted on the streets of Grimsby, Lincoln, Retford, Scunthorpe, Mansfield, Bradford, Sheffield and Hull with the incidents seemingly stemming from a series of incidents in Northampton from earlier in the year when photographs of a man dressed as Pennywise the Clown from 1980s horror film Stephen King’s It began circulating