Iceland is selling Marmite flavoured sprouts this Christmas

They already divide the nation – now food giant Iceland is set to split opinion even further – by launching Marmite flavoured sprouts this Christmas.

Love’ em or hate ‘em, those little green balls are now set to enter a whole new arena with the frozen food supermarket selling a version seasoned with the yeast extract spread.

Fancy a bag of Marmite flavoured sprouts this Christmas?

Fancy a bag of Marmite flavoured sprouts this Christmas?

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The Marmite glazed sprouts will go on sale on November 19 – just in time for Christmas.

The sprouts - which will be covered in a Marmite-flavoured butter - come frozen and cost £1.50 per 400g pack.

The sprouts will only be available in Iceland so you will have to head to the frozen food chain if you want to try them.

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Iceland and Marmite teamed up to launch the sprouts after a Marmite survey of 2,000 adults found that more than a third haven't eaten sprouts in the last three years.

Marmite's advertising slogan “Love It Or Hate It" trades on the divisive nature of the sticky brown toast topper – and dousing sprouts in it moves it to a new level.

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Camilla Williamson, Marmite brand manager, said: "Much like Marmite, the humble Brussels Sprout is either loved or hated.

"So, by bringing these two together we hope that two wrongs will make a right and the nation will get behind this festive pairing over Christmas.”