Jarvis and Berry to meet over Yorkshire devolution deadlock

Dan Jarvis and Jake Berry are set to meet for talks on Yorkshire devolution.
Dan Jarvis and Jake Berry are set to meet for talks on Yorkshire devolution.
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BARNSLEY CENTRAL MP Dan Jarvis is to hold talks with Northern Powerhouse Minister Jake Berry over the ongoing deadlock on Yorkshire devolution.

Sentamu asked to help end Yorkshire devolution deadlock

The pair exchanged messages on Twitter today following a Commons debate last night on Yorkshire devolution where Mr Berry again rejected the case for the One Yorkshire proposal.

Over the summer 17 out of the region's 20 councils signed up to support the One Yorkshire plan which would see a single mayor elected for the whole of Yorkshire.

Mr Berry confirmed he had agreed to Mr Jarvis out of "professional courtesy" but insisted the Government's position "has not changed".

Replying, Mr Jarvis wrote: "I look forward to what I am sure will be a constructive meeting."

The Government is resisting taking a fresh look at Yorkshire's approach to devolution, insisting that the four South Yorkshire councils push ahead with the Sheffield City Region deal they agreed in 2015 while urging the other Yorkshire authorities to reach their own agreements.

Barnsley and Doncaster have withdrawn their support from the Sheffield City Region deal and are now backing One Yorkshire.

However, Mr Berry last night repeated his insistence that despite Barnsley and Doncaster's opposition, the election of a metro-mayor for the Sheffield City Region must go ahead in May.

For legal reasons, without Barnsley and Doncaster's support any mayor elected would have few powers or money.

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