KFC’s messy Dirty Louisiana burger is back – and in Sheffield you can get a free BIB to eat it

Fast food chain KFC is bringing back its Dirty Louisiana burger for a limited period – and it’s that messy that diners in Sheffield will get a FREE bib when they eat it.

The burger features a deep fried chicken fillet coated in Colonel Sanders' secret herbs and spices recipe and smothered in KFC's "Supercharger" sauce, black pepper mayo and BBQ sauce.

The burger is so messy that diners can get a free bib.

The burger is so messy that diners can get a free bib.

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Not seen in stores since last autumn the burger will be available in branches from October 8 for six weeks only.

And within the burger bun there's also a hash brown, two layers of cheese, gherkins and lettuce.

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It will cost £4.19 for the burger alone or £5.19 to get the burger as a meal with fries and your choice of drink.

Seven UK stores will be giving away bibs with the messy burger – with the Sheffield Haymarket branch among them.

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A KFC spokesman said: “The Dirty Louisiana burger is for serious burger fans – Original Recipe chicken, a hash brown AND three unbelievable sauces – it doesn’t disappoint."