Labour candidate in Leeds North West sorry over Lib Dem claim

Greg Mulholland
Greg Mulholland
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A LABOUR candidate in a marginal Yorkshire seat has had to print and distribute 15,000 leaflets apologising for a claim he made over the voting record of his Liberal Democrat opponent.

Leeds councillor Alex Sobel, Labour’s candidate for the Leeds North West seat, said Greg Mulholland had voted for legislation covering the setting up of academy schools.

Lawyers acting for Mr Mulholland, who has held the seat since 2005, contacted Coun Sobel who has now had to circulate leaflets putting the record straight.

Mr Mulholland said: “Strong debate and criticism are fine, but it is quite another thing to say something that is not true - and I am pleased that he has been forced to print 15,000 apologies to set the record straight and tell people the truth.”

He added: “As the person who organised Ed Miliband’s leadership campaign, Alex Sobel really is Labour’s yes-man. He will put the Labour Party, not our area first.”

Mr Mulholland has also complained Coun Sobel has misrepresented his views on the so-called bedroom tax.

“I have consistently opposed it and clearly voted for it not to be in the Welfare Reform Bill,” he said.

Leeds North West is one of Labour’s target seats at the General Election.

Mr Mulholland took the seat for the Liberal Democrats in 2005 and successfully defended it in 2010, increasing his majority to 9,103. It had previously been held by Labour since 1997.