Leeds snow and ice weather warning extended by Met Office - latest snow forecast in full

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A weather warning for Leeds has been extended further as more snow and ice is predicted to hit the city.

Forecasters predict freezing fog that will be slow to clear and below freezing temperatures.

Icy weather is expected in the coming days.

Icy weather is expected in the coming days.

The first weather warning has been extended until Thursday at 11am

What will the weather be like tonight in Leeds?

Tonight the weather is expected to be very cold but mainly clear.

There may be isolated wintry showers due to cloud over the Pennines but these will quickly die out.

There will be widespread hard frost.

What will the temperatures be like overnight?

Freezing fog patches are likely towards dawn.

Temperatures are set to be cold tonight with the minimum temperature predicted at -7C.

What will the weather be like for the rest of the week ?

Weather warnings are in place from Thursday 6pm until Friday 12pm.

On Thursday, it is expected to stay cold but dry with long sunny spells.

Freezing fog patches could be slow to clear.

Weather will turn cloudier overnight.

The maximum temperature will be 2C.

Friday will be cloudy, cold and breezy.

There is a small chance of wintry showers.

What is the long-term forecast for Leeds?

The Met Office UK outlook for Monday 4 Feb to Wednesday 13 Feb said:

"Rain and hill snow will clear later on Monday, however further rain, sleet and snow will possibly arrive from the west on Tuesday.

"It will stay mostly cold, with frost and ice likely overnight.

"Thereafter, it is likely to stay changeable, with further spells of rain, sleet and snow interspersed by sunshine and showers.

"The wind will be brisk at times, with gales around exposed coasts and over higher ground.

"After a cold start to February, temperatures may temporarily return closer to normal, although further colder interludes are still possible.

"Overnight frosts are still likely to be widespread and towards the end of this period there is a greater chance of it becoming even colder."