Man arrested after attack on ambulance which saw staff lock themselves inside property

Humberside Police have arrested a man on suspicion of affray and criminal damage following an incident in Hull.

A spokesperson for the force said: "We are investigating an incident where ambulance staff were threatened and their vehicle damaged.

Left, the damage to the ambulance and right, file photo.'Credit: Laura Major/Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Left, the damage to the ambulance and right, file photo.'Credit: Laura Major/Yorkshire Ambulance Service

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"We received a call from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service reporting that a man was threatening staff and damaging their vehicle.

"We attended and arrested the man who has now been released pending further investigations."

In the early hours of Friday, February 15, two ambulance clinicians locked themselves inside a property as they were threatened and their vehicle damaged whilst treating a patient in Hull.

Laura Major, an Emergency Medical Technician for Yorkshire Ambulance based at Hull East hospital, one of the members of staff involved, has described the event.

She tweeted: "Last night was my most frightening shift at work. Our vehicle was attacked whilst we locked ourselves inside a property.

"The house was also attacked whilst we waited. I have never been so relieved to see the police. We do not come to work to be treated like this!"

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A spokesperson from Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust said: “The safety of our employees is of paramount importance and we operate a zero tolerance policy.

"Ambulance service staff do a difficult job, often in challenging circumstances, and physical and verbal abuse against any member of NHS staff is completely unacceptable.

“We wholeheartedly empathise with the two colleagues who were the victims of this frightening incident and support has been provided to them.

“We are shocked and very disappointed that our staff were threatened in this way and mindless damage was done to an ambulance which has now been made unavailable to respond to life-threatening emergencies whilst repairs are carried out.

“Our dedicated staff work extremely hard to deliver the best possible service and for them to be targeted in this way is appalling.

"We would encourage any witnesses to contact Humberside Police to assist in their investigation.”