Mercy mission launched in Doncaster as children’s air ambulance scrambled for first time

A mission of mercy to London for a poorly child was carried out by the Doncaster-based  Children’s Air Ambulance, as it was scrambled for its first mission.

The aircraft, based at Doncaster Sheffield Airport, was dispatched from its hangar in Finningley to ferry the youngster from Leeds to Great Ormond Street Hospital, landing at Victoria Park.

The Children's Air Ambulance

The Children's Air Ambulance

It was carried out at the same time as the charity’s southern-based ambulance was carrying out a mission from its Oxford base – the first time the organisation has carried out two jobs simultaneously.

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The service now has two new specialist helicopters.

The north’s Doncaster based aircraft completed a mission for NHS clinical partner Embrace at at the same time the south’s Oxford based aircraft fulfilled a mission for the Southampton Oxford Neonatal Transfer service to the Isle of Wight. 

The service has now completed 11 potentially lifesaving transfers during the first two weeks of operation.

Children’s Air Ambulance director of operations Richard Clayton said: “I am delighted to see both aircraft in full operation and helping to support our NHS clinical partner teams fly critically ill babies and children safely and efficiently. The true value and impact of this service is shown in the instant impact the aircraft have had in meeting the urgent need to transport these young patients.

“When both aircraft are out simultaneously it brings home just how important it is to have the two specially designed and clinically equipped helicopters. Just a few weeks ago, when we operated only one aircraft, one of these recent successful missions would have had to be turned down.

“I am delighted and proud to see the impact we are having while working with our NHS clinical partner teams and this is only made possible through the charitable donations of our wonderful supporters.”