More 'mature' women are urged to share their ideas

Older women in Sheffield will be shouting "Look at me!" this week as they share their views on how it feels to be compared to everyone from Helen Mirren to Nora Batty.

Researchers at the Universities of Sheffield and Derby have been working on "Images of Women and Ageing" for two years by looking at how the media stereotypes the more "mature" woman – and the effect this has on the everyday pensiomer who is growing old gracefully. Project director Dr Lorna Warren, from the the University of Sheffield, said: "I think there are a number of extreme stereotypes out there. But actually, the greatest stereotype is the invisibility – where do ordinary older women fit in?"

People taking part in the workshops, which run from this week until mid 2010, will be urged to share their ideas, which will then be used in art therapy sessions to generate alternative ageing images to be displayed at public galleries across Sheffield.