No end to mystery on son's 16th birthday

TODAY marks the 16th birthday of South Yorkshire schoolboy Andrew Gosden, who went missing after catching a train to London almost two years ago.

His distraught parents Kevin and Glenys, who have been relentlessly searching for Andrew since he was last seen on September 14, 2007, say they will be trying to have a "fairly ordinary" day at the family home in Doncaster.

On the day he vanished, the then 14-year-old said goodbye to his parents and sister Charlotte, left their house in Littlemoor, Lane, Balby as usual and headed for McAuley Catholic High School.

However, he failed to arrive at school and instead withdrew more than 200 from his bank account, with which he bought a single train ticket to London.

The last confirmed sighting of Andrew is a grainy CCTV image which captured him leaving King's Cross railway station.

Mr Gosden, who has battled depression since his son's unexplained disappearance, said there was still no clue as to why Andrew chose to run away that day. He said: "I'm as baffled as ever. Did he decide to do the Reginald Perrin thing and reinvent himself? Or was there something troubling him that he felt he couldn't tell us?

"I still think that his disappearance was spur of the moment. But who knows. It's all speculation." Mr Gosden added: "Doing all this publicity and talking about Andrew is hard, but I feel I have to do it for my son. I can never give up hope."

Anyone who may have information on Andrew's whereabouts should call Doncaster Police on 01302 385146 or the Missing People Helpline on 0500 700700.