Nuclear missiles convoy spotted on Doncaster motorway

A huge convoy of nuclear weapons has reportedly been spotted on a motorway near Doncaster this morning.

Motorists reported seeing the distinctive military convoy travelling on the A1(M) and M18 near Doncaster earlier today.

The nuclear weapons convoy was spotted near Doncaster this morning.

The nuclear weapons convoy was spotted near Doncaster this morning.

Movements of nuclear weapons regularly take place on Britain’s roads – but the convoys are kept secret due to security concerns.

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The convoy was spotted near the intersection of the two motorways near junction two around noon.

Nukewatch, a website devoted to tracking the convoys across Britain, has a post on its page which reads: “Once seen, a nuclear warhead convoy is easily recognisable and unlike anything else on the roads.

“There is a multiplicity of escort vehicles, often spread out over several miles, and travelling at up to 55mph.”

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The warhead convoy is normally made up of warhead load carriers – huge plain dark green trucks, Ministry of Defence Police escort vehicles and military support vehicles to deal with accidents or breakdowns.

Convoys normally have between three and five warhead carriers – and all vehicles travel with lights on, even in daytime. 

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The convoys routinely take place between the warhead factory near Aldermaston and the Trident submarine base in Scotland, often passing through Yorkshire on the A1 or M1.

Neither the public or local authorities are warned of the convoys and confirmed sightings rely on members of the public.