Parvo alert: Dog contracts Parvovirus in Leeds as owner shares warning over latest outbreak

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A dog owner has shared a warning after her dog came down with a confirmed case of Parvovirus in Leeds.

Kelly Redhead shares a communal garden with her neighbour in Heights Drive, Armley, and today broke the news that her neighbour's dog has come down with Parvo.

The dog with Parvo

The dog with Parvo

It is the latest in a string of cases in Leeds in the past two weeks.

Neighbour Shannon Waroniuk said: "Im heartbroken to say my pooch has caught parvo in LS12, I just thought I would warn people in surrounding area and to everyone to keep a close eye on their pets any sign of blood from mouth or bottom then see a vet immediately.

"My poor pooch has been to PDSA but couldn't stay in due to them been full up with Parvo dogs so she has had some injections and got to go back 10am tomorrow."

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Kelly posted on Facebook also spreading the word: "This parvovirus is scaring me so much, just spoke to Ted's vet to let her know my neighbour's dog has been confirmed with it last night.

"We share a communal garden & what was best to do...we’ve just been advised to disinfected our whole garden, if he needs to go out, to disinfected the garden again after he’s been out & bath his paws & any other part of his body that has touched the grass, if possible keep him completely indoors as it is becoming quite widespread in the area (the vet's words).

"Please everyone be extremely careful!

"Ted is up to date with all his vaccines but the vet confirmed it does not 100% protect him & his is still at risk, if not more at risk with being a pup! Currently washing all his bedding, disinfecting his bed & bath time for our ted who is now going to be housebound for the foreseeable."

What a Leeds vet says about Parvo - how to keep your dog safe

James Harris from White Cross Vets said: “There have been several cases in the Leeds, Guiseley and Bradford areas during July and August, but we have not seen any new cases over the last week in Leeds.

"There are still outbreaks in other places across the UK, but the recent wet weather has helped a lot, as it washes the deadly virus, which is spread mainly through dog faeces, away into the earth.

“Anyone who is concerned that their dog might be showing signs of the highly contagious parvovirus, which is one of the most contagious and dangerous diseases that dogs face and can often kill within a few days, should contact a vet straight away."

The symptoms of Parvo - according to White Cross Vets:

Symptoms include diarrhoea, severe vomiting, loss of appetite or sudden weight loss, dehydration, bloody faeces, a high temperature and lethargy.

The disease has a 50% mortality rate and is highly contagious.

“Dog owners also really need to make sure that they are up to date with vaccines and puppies must receive their core vaccines.

"The easiest and safest way to protect dogs against parvovirus is by vaccinating against it and keeping up to date with the annual vaccinations.

"Most of the cases that we’ve seen in the latest outbreak have been dogs that have fallen behind with their annual injections or puppies that haven’t been properly vaccinated.

"The simple solution is for dog owners to get their pets booked in now for a vaccination to avoid them falling victim to this devastating disease.”

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