RAF Typhoon jets armed with new air-to-air missiles scrambled after ‘unidentified aircraft’ approach UK

The Typhoons werre scrambled from RAF Lossiemouth
The Typhoons werre scrambled from RAF Lossiemouth

The RAF scrambled Typhoon fighter jets after two ‘unidentified aircraft’ were spotted approaching UK airspace.

The Typhoons – armed for the first time with Meteor air-to-air missiles – were scrambled yesterday from RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland.

No intercept was made in the Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) and the jets safely returned to their base later on.

The RAF said the jets were launched as a ‘precaution’.

Pilots and engineers on QRA duty are at immediate readiness 24 hours to respond to any possible threats.

Two years ago a QRA led to RAF jets breaking the sound barrier over yorkshire causing sonic booms to be heard across the county.

No further information about yesterday's incident has been released.

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