Scarborough Council leader furious over leaked documents on Argos demolition scheme: 'I'm disappointed and disgusted'

The former Argos building in Newborough
The former Argos building in Newborough

Scarborough Council's leader says he is "disgusted" at the leaking of documents relating to plans to demolish the Argos building in Newborough and build 200 student flats and a town square in its place.

Cllr Steve Siddons (Labour) wholeheartedly backed the scheme, which will see the council's debt almost double as it would seek to borrow £22million.

Cllr Steve Siddons

Cllr Steve Siddons

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He said: “This project is a once in a generation opportunity to improve the life chances of our young people whilst regenerating a part of the town centre that is looking tired and in need of some loving care.

“I am disappointed and disgusted that someone has felt it appropriate to leak commercially confidential information from the council. This is a serious matter and I have instigated an immediate investigation to try and find the perpetrator.

“I am not sure what is to be gained by sharing this information at this point. I have already said that the financial information would be shared at an appropriate time but that is not now. Sharing this information at this stage on social media is irresponsible; it is confidential.

"Suggestions that I am not being open and transparent are also flawed. I have been open with all councillors on this project and will continue to be with future decisions.”

The plans were approved during an extraordinary meeting of the council on Friday last week, and details subsequently leaked online.

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The former Argos building in Newborough will be purchased by the council, then demolished to create accommodation for university students and trainee nurses and doctors in partnership with the York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Wrenbridge Land Ltd will be the council’s partner in the scheme and is budgeted to make a profit of more than £2.5 million, the documents reveal.