Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham or Barnsley: Which are the most and least stressed places in South Yorkshire?

The most stressed places in South Yorkshire
The most stressed places in South Yorkshire

The most and least stressed places in South Yorkshire have been unveiled in a new study.

And it’s bad news if you live in Barnsley – because according to the figures, the town is the most stressed in the whole county.

But it was good news for Doncaster which was named as the calmest and least stressed place from the four main South Yorkshire towns studied in the survey.

Babylon Health analysed over five million real-time tweets over a two-week period, including every UK county and the UK's 100 most populated cities and towns to find out where people are most likely to tweet about stress, frustration and anxiety.

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The tool TensiStrength was used to estimate the stress levels in these tweets, by analysing them on a scale of -1 (no stress) to -5 (very highly stressed), based on the classification of words related to stress, frustration, anxiety, anger and negativity. 

TensiStrength estimates the strength of stress and relaxation expressed in short texts, even in informal language, by analysing the terms used that are related to stress, frustration, anxiety, anger and negativity. These texts are then ranked on two scales:

-1 (no stress) to -5 (very highly stressed)

1 (no relaxation) to 5 (highly relaxed)

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TensiStrength was developed by Mike Thelwall, Professor of IT at Wolverhampton University, and has been optimised for general short social web texts, such as tweets.

He said: "TensiStrength’s terms are not only synonyms for stress, anxiety and frustration but also terms related to anger and negative emotions because stress can be a response to negative events and can cause negative emotions."

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He added: "The list also includes stressors as additional indirect indicators in the belief that if someone describes situations that are likely causes of stress, such as being late, then they may be experiencing stress."

Most stressed places in South Yorkshire

Barnsley is the most stressed place in South Yorkshire, with 9.54% of it's residents publishing 'stressed' tweets. 

Barnsley - 9.54%

Sheffield - 9.46%

Rotherham - 9.15%

Doncaster - 8.51%

You can see the full results of the survey HERE

South Yorkshire is the 18th most stressed county in England. 9.36% of tweets in this region are measured as 'stressed', with Mondays registering as the most stressful day of the week there, and afternoons as the most stressful time of day.