Sheffield drug addict turned dealer is locked up for over two years

A Sheffield heroin addict turned dealer has been jailed for over two years after he admitted to supplying Class A drugs and to being involved with the production of cannabis. 

Jordan Bower’s involvement with the supply of Class A drugs was finally exposed after officers raided his flat in Fairleigh, Manor on November 21, 2016. 

Bower was sentenced on Sheffield Crown Court today (Tuesday, November 13)

Bower was sentenced on Sheffield Crown Court today (Tuesday, November 13)

“There was evidence of a cannabis grow in the master bedroom. Officers located a growing tent, which contained six plant pots, but no plants were growing in there. 96.3 grams of cannabis was found in the living room. There was evidence on his mobile phone of dealing that particular drug,” Jim Baird, prosecuting, told Sheffield Crown Court.

Bower, 31, was initially arrested in relation to production of cannabis and told police in interview that the cannabis found at his property was for personal use. 

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Two mobile phones, which Bower admitted were his, were seized from his flat, as well as a shoe box that contained a set of scales and what Mr Baird described as a ‘dealer list’. 

He added: “The phone was sent away for analysis and indicated that for a period of six months, between October 2015 and March 2016, that Bower was taking orders for heroin, cocaine and cannabis.

“The other phone was in use for a really short period of time, between November 11 and November 21, 2016.”

PC Peppler, the police officer who analysed Bower’s phones, determined that cocaine and heroin were being supplied to Bower by others, and he in turn was involved in the cutting up of the drugs into smaller amounts, and being prepared into street deals, ready for sale. 

“The police officer found there were a number of people both above and below the defendant involved in the supply of drugs, but the defendant was an integral part of the operation,” said Mr Baird. 

Bower, who has no previous convictions, pleaded guilty to production of cannabis at the earliest opportunity at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court,.

He pleaded guilty to being concerned in the production of cocaine and heroin on a basis of plea, which was accepted by the prosecution and stated he had been a heroin and cocaine addict for around four years, and subsequently became involved in the supply of drugs in order to pay off a debt to his dealer. 

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Zaiban Alam, defending, said Bower had been put ‘under pressure’ to comply with his dealer’s orders to become involved in the supply of Class A drugs, and said members of the drug network had subjected him to violence and made threats towards his father. 

Ms Alam described how Bower’s life was sent on a downward spiral when his mother tragically died when he was 18-years-old as a result of a surgical procedure. 

She said: “He started off life as part of a lovely family with parents and three siblings. It was an idyllic life that came crashing to an end when his mother died...he suffers from depression and anxiety and this formerly happy-go-lucky young man never really got his life back on track.”

Judge Roger Thomas QC sentenced Bower to 30 months in prison. 

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He told Bower: “People living their lives often have to endure some hardship, but life has to go on. What’s happened in your life really doesn’t explain your involvement with drug supply.”

“You became involved with the world of drugs and drug supply. You went from being a drug user yourself and became a dealer for those who supply you, and became part of a sophisticated supply network,” added Judge Thomas. 

- South Yorkshire Police have been asked to supply a custody image of Bower