Sheffield named in top ten of trainer obsessed UK cities

Sheffield has been named as one the UK’s top ten most trainer obsessed cities.

According to new figures, Sheffield ranked ninth across the UK for places where people are in love with the footwear.

Sheffield loves its trainers.

Sheffield loves its trainers.

The city scored 4.2 in the 'trainer passion’ league – but it was left trailing a long way behind Manchester which was named trainer capital of the UK – with Stoke the place where people are least interested in sneakers.

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Nike came out on top for the most-loved brand apart from in Glasgow where residents chose Kanye West's Yeezy Powerphase Adidas trainers as their top.

Researchers analysed Google searches for sneakers, number of shoe stores and visits to the Sole Supplier website, which alerts fans to new releases, to find the most trainer-obsessed place.

According to the data, out of the 20 cities analysed, Mancunians were the biggest trainer fans in the UK, scoring 8.5 out of 10 in the "trainer passion" league.

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The least feverish when it came to trainers were people in Stoke, with a score of just 1.8 out of 10.

A spokesman for The Sole Supplier said the study showed the people living in Stoke were "not that fussed" about sneakers.

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George Sullivan, CEO at The Sole Supplier, said: "The UK has become a nation of sneaker-heads as streetwear becomes the era-defining style.

"It’s interesting to map the hotspots for trainer culture and exciting to see Manchester, London, Nottingham, Newcastle and Liverpool lead the pack.

“When it comes to brand loyalty, the UK’s largest cities all pledged allegiance to Nike in 2018 based on traffic to The Sole Supplier release pages, except Glaswegians who were most keen to get their hands on the Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas Grey."

Top 10 trainer-obsessed cities in the UK

1. Manchester - 8.5
2. London - 5.8
3. Nottingham - 5.4
4. Newcastle - 5.4
5. Liverpool - 4.8
6. Belfast - 4.8
7. Glasgow - 4.7
8. Birmingham - 4.4
9. Sheffield - 4.2
10. Coventry - 4.1

UK cities that are least interested in trainers

1. Stoke - 1.8
2. Hull - 2.2
3. Bradford - 2.3
4. Sunderland - 2.3
5. Brighton - 2.5
6. Cardiff - 2.7
7. Leicester - 2.7
8. Leeds - 3.3
9. Bristol - 3.9
10. Edinburgh - 4