Sheffield Park Academy students excluded for bringing knives into school

Sheffield Park Academy
Sheffield Park Academy

Two pupils have been excluded after bringing in knives to a Sheffield school.

The children had brought a craft knife and a vegetable knife into Sheffield Park Academy, in Manor Park, to show friends.

Principal Debbie McShane has written to parents today about the incident.

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She said the knives had been brought into the school without any ‘malicious intent to harm’ and the ‘young and vulnerable’ students had made a ‘serious error of judgement’.

She added that the two students have been excluded, but did not reveal if they had received fixed-term or permanent exclusions.

Mrs McShane wrote: “I am conscious that there are currently rumours circulating about a situation in the school over the past week which I would like to clarify for you and re-assure you about what happened.

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“Two younger students were found to have brought a craft knife and a vegetable knife into the school to show their friends.

“The items were confiscated immediately and those students involved have either been given fixed term exclusions or excluded permanently.

“Neither of these knives were brought into school with any malicious intent to harm but were brought in by young and vulnerable students who made a serious error of judgement.

“Incidents like this are extremely rare at Sheffield Park Academy.

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“We take safeguarding very seriously and are committed to providing all students with a safe and secure environment in which to learn.

“As with any school, it is often the case that rumours circulate which have little bearing on the truth so, if you do ever hear anything that surprises or concerns you, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.”

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